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Founded in 1975, ICC Logistics Services, Inc was built on the premise that few executives have the time, and in some cases the expertise, to thoroughly analyze their transportation and logistics processes, towards a goal of improving efficiencies and reducing costs. Today, businesses need more than auditors to accomplish this task. They seek out firms that offer full service transportation and logistics management services.

ICC Logistics Services, Inc. is proud of the fact that we are skilled profitability consultants in the area of transportation and logistics.

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Also Find the latest tips on Supply Chain and Logistics Management by President and CEO of ICC Logistics Anthony Nuzio.

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Our Core Services
Parcel Carrier Negotiations
Experienced, Knowledgeable, Innovative, Ethical, Creative
Parcel Carrier Audits
Recover lost dollars... explore the possibilities.
Freight Rate Negotiations
Save money with the best rates.
Contract Management
All in the name of cost savings and flexibility.
Freight Audit & Payment
Comprehensive audit and freight payment function.
Post Audit Processing
Utilize our Carrier Rating Information System