Parcel Carrier Audits

Parcel Carrier AuditService Audits

Guaranteed shipments should be just that: guaranteed. Unfortunately, when service failures take place, businesses often lack the time or the in-house expertise to ensure that such failures are:

  • identified;
  • tracked; and,
  • completely refunded.

Fortunately, ICC's Parcel Service Audits solve this time consuming and money losing problem. We track all shipments, ensure that our clients pay only for the services that they receive, and ensure that Parcel Carriers comply fully with their guarantees.

Furthermore, thanks to our expertise in the logistics and transportation industry, we recover guaranteed service refunds without interrupting our clients' day-to-day shipping activities. We handle the entire process and follow-up, while our clients focus on doing what they do best: running their business!

Invoice Audits

In today's competitive business environment where every dollar counts, businesses must be able to verify that Parcel Carrier Transportation Service invoices are always 100% error-free.

However, for most businesses, Parcel Carrier's invoice auditing is a time consuming and complex task; and the option of training and then allocating in-house resources to conduct this important auditing task on a regular basis is simply unrealistic.

To solve this major problem, ICC offers clients the peace of mind that comes from complete and ongoing auditing of all parcel carrier invoices. Our trained experts ensure that our clients are protected from:

  • rating errors
  • duplicate charges
  • NPOS (No Proof of Shipment) claims
  • residential surcharge errors
  • invalid address correction charges
  • incorrect Saturday Delivery/Pickup charges

and other costly errors that create paperwork nightmares and real financial losses. ICC's invoice audits are the perfect, cost-effective solution for businesses who want to ensure that every dollar they earn is a dollar that they keep.


We've all heard the saying you can't manage what you can't measure.

Yet in the logistics and transportation world, more needs to be added to make this saying both wise and realistic: . . .and you can't measure without a reporting system!

At ICC, we know that our clients want clear, summarized logistics and transportation reports. They want information that they can use for analyzing, planning, and projecting. That's why as part of our audit services, we offer strategically detailed Performance Reports for every parcel shipment.

In addition, some of our clients require more comprehensive reporting; and at ICC, we've made a habit of responding to our clients needs. That's why we offer enhanced and extended summary reports.

And, of course, to keep things as efficient and convenient as possible for our clients, our reports are electronic, and can be sent weekly via email or accessed directly from our website. In addition, ICC's business intelligence software is available to all of our clients 24/7/365. In this way, our clients can easily store, retrieve, transfer, and access the reports when they need them, and where they need them.