Freight Bill Post Audit Processing

Freight Costs Out of Control?Freight Costs Out of Control?

There are thousands of transportation service companies, each publishing their own base rates, their own incentives, discounts and accessorial fees and charges for ancillary services. But how can you be sure that the invoices your company has paid are correct and that you have not been overcharged?

Many accounts payable departments are inundated with thousands of transportation related invoices that contain many different line items including product classifications, various base rates, various incentive, discounts, fuel surcharges and the list goes on. Most payables departments on the other hand have absolutely no way of knowing if any of the invoice elements are correct, except for maybe the discount or incentive percentage.

Freight bill overcharges represent millions of dollars in potential loss to shipper's yearly if they go undetected and unclaimed. In some cases, five percent (5%) of a company's transportation expense can be tied up in these overcharges.

As a recognized leader in freight bill auditing since 1975, ICC Logistics has recovered millions of dollars in freight bill overcharges for our very satisfied clients.

How do we do it?

This post audit process involves auditing previously paid invoices for any and all billing errors. Once an overcharge is detected, claims are filed against the transportation service provider for recovery. The transportation company provides refunds payable to our client, and sends those refunds directly to ICC, allowing us to close out the claim file and submit the payment to our client.

Now comes the best part: This service does not cost; It pays! You see if we do not uncover any overcharges in the post audit process, there is absolutely no charge for our service. While this is our value proposition to our clients, we can assure you that we always uncover overcharges in our post audit process.

If this "guarantee" is not enough to convince you to have your paid invoices audited by ICC, let us give you one more.

As part of our post audit process, and at no additional cost, ICC Logistics will provide a Transportation Audit Analysis which will point out areas where excessive freight costs have been incurred, which were not overcharges assessed by the transportation service providers, but excessive costs incurred by your company. It's like having a fully staffed transportation and logistics department at your fingertips without the overhead costs of providing this expertise.

So what are you waiting for? Contact ICC Logistics and let us turn those paid invoices into operating income for your company.