Case Study: Recovering "Write-Off" Claims

Results for our Client:

- Delivered full payment on more than 60% on claims that were designated "write-offs"
- Created administrative process for fast, easy, and cost-effective claims management

The Problem:

Our client was stuck with numerous uncollected freight loss and damage claims. These claims arose because our client - like 99.9% of businesses in the world today - simply didn't have the in-house technical expertise to effectively respond to carrier claims denials. As a result, our client's uncollected claims were being written off, and real dollars were being totally wasted in the process.

The ICC Solution:

We jumped in and provided our client with the expertise that they lacked. We built an easy, seamless procedure whereby our client forwarded uncollected claim files to us. We analyzed each claim as a potential source of real recoverable dollars, and then acted as agents in dialogue with carriers. As recognized global experts in transportation and logistics, carriers realized that they were dealing with professionals who knew precisely what we were talking about.

The result? Since bringing in ICC to solve this problem, our client has been paid in full for over 60% of its previously "uncollectible, to be written-off claims"!