Parcel Carrier Negotiation

Parcel Carrier Negotiation For many businesses, Parcel Carrier Rate Negotiation is one of the most important, complex and overlooked - opportunities for substantial cost savings. The bottom line in this scenario is similar to the bottom line in any other negotiation picture: if you know more going in, you pay less coming out.

At ICC, we have the experience and knowledge to provide our clients with optimal negotiated carrier pricing. We understand how carriers use cost models to determine fees, and this gives us a decided edge when it comes to negotiating the best rate possible. When our clients are satisfied with their current carrier(s), we work toward maximizing rate reductions. When our clients aren't satisfied with their current carrier(s), we obtain service and pricing proposals from multiple carriers. Either way, our mission is clear: we maximize service commitments and cost savings for our clients.

In terms of negotiation strategy, we work closely with our clients to discover what's best for their current and future needs. In some cases, we work behind the scenes and supply expert guidance during the negotiating process. In other cases, we provide a complete turn-key solution and negotiate on our clients' behalf. Regardless of the strategy chosen, our clients always control the final outcome, and remain completely in charge of accepting or rejecting any carrier proposal.

Of course, once we negotiate the best rate possible, we aren't finished maximizing carrier service commitments and minimizing client costs. That's why we monitor post-negotiated invoices to ensure that the correct rates are consistently being applied.

With over 28 years of Parcel Carrier negotiation experience, our Parcel Audit and Appraisal Group is uniquely qualified to obtain maximum cost reductions for our clients. We have the inside track when it comes to Parcel Carrier Negotiations, because our team previously worked for the major parcel carriers.