Freight Audit and Payment

Parcel Carrier AuditFreight Bill Pre-Audit/Post-Audit and Payment

As transportation and distribution expenses continue to climb, most businesses struggle with optimizing their costs. Sadly, most businesses know that they're paying too much, but they just don't know where, how, and most importantly: what to do about it.

At ICC, our clients never have to worry about answering any of these questions. We know that our clients aren't transportation and logistics experts -- and they don't want to be! They want to focus on doing what they do best: successfully running and growing their business. That's why they select ICC as their auditing partner: to save time, resources, and best of all, money.

ICC's comprehensive audit and freight payment function works at the pre-audit phase. Our audit programs cover all shipping modes for both domestic and international shipments, including parcel carrier shipments.

Our automated Carrier Rating Information System ensures that audits are performed quickly and accurately. ICC consistently contributes millions of dollars to our clients' bottom line each year in audit savings in the pre-audit area alone!

Advanced and Customized Technology to Get Results!

ICC is committed to using only the latest and most advanced computer technology to serve the needs of our clients. Our computer software has been customized exclusively for us, so that we can maximize the client benefits of our freight bill audit, processing, and analysis programs.

Our technical solution offers a password-protected, web-accessed database interface system that can be accessed from virtually any Internet-enabled computer in the world. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, our clients have information retrieval at their fingertips.

For example, clients can easily review their transportation and logistics information. Or they can generate ad hoc reports, charts and graphs for meetings and planning sessions. ICC's comprehensive reporting capability empowers clients to evaluate their current supply chain objectives, and to build future plans.

In addition to web based reporting and supplying paper reports, ICC can exchange information through EDI, FTP and other internet-based technologies. This provides even more opportunities for client cost savings, as well as providing the immediate exchange of information - which is essential in today's fast-paced business environment. Our web-based technology also allows us to process exception invoices in a timely and accurate manner, ensuring prompt and accurate payment to our client's transportation and logistics service providers.

Exclusive Benefits for all of our Valued Clients

Thanks to our proven freight audit and payment services, our clients achieve benefits that extend beyond bottom-line cost savings. Just some of the benefits of bringing ICC on board include:

  • Service and Auditing Expertise: Our clients access the most knowledgeable and technically advanced audit service expertise in the industry.
  • Conservation of Capital and Reduction of Costs: Our clients save significant dollars when they work with ICC; money that can be reallocated into their business for more growth and development.
  • Prompt and Efficient Payment of Freight Invoices: ICC works continuously to ensure that service providers are always paid on time, so that our clients continue receiving price incentives.

Help is a Personalized Phone Call Away

Personal attention is a critical part of ICC's commitment to client relations. That's why all of our clients enjoy personal, direct access to ICC's auditors, as well as to their dedicated Account Manager. All questions, concerns, and comments can be received and resolved in a matter of minutes.