Contract Management

Parcel Carrier Audit ICC strongly recommends that all transportation and logistics services arrangements be placed under contractual agreements for a continuing period of time.

There are clear, proven control benefits that emerge when businesses rely on contracted agreements with their service providers. At ICC, we work on our clients' behalf to ensure that they enjoy all of these proven control benefits with their agreements:

  • The cost savings and flexibility of extended payment terms
  • The cost savings from reduced or eliminated annual rate increases
  • The cost savings from avoiding late invoice payment charges
  • The security of knowing that no changes can be made to a contract without mutual consent of both parties prior to the change being made
  • The capacity to include all subsidiaries and affiliates in master agreements
  • The ability to immediately terminate agreements due to service provider non-compliance of terms and conditions.
  • The confidence in knowing that service providers have appropriate operating authority adequate insurance coverage and are financially sound.

At ICC, we know that effective control is the cornerstone of a logistics and transportation contract. That's why our contract management services are designed to provide cost, compliance, and administrative control where it clearly belongs: with our clients!