Learn how we maximize client benefits and provide excellent service through the ICC Philosophy!!

Who is ICC Logistics?

About ICC Logistics Founded in 1975, ICC Logistics Services, Inc was built on the premise that few executives have the time, and in some cases the expertise, to thoroughly analyze their transportation and logistics processes, towards a goal of improving efficiencies and reducing costs. Today, businesses need more than auditors to accomplish this task. They seek out firms that offer full service transportation and logistics management services. ICC Logistics Services, Inc. is proud of the fact that we are skilled profitability consultants in the area of transportation and logistics.

We search out and implement real solutions for our clients, which results in significant savings - - - savings that immediately appear on our clients' bottom line. Our clients are in diversified industry groups within the manufacturing, retailing and distribution sectors of our economy. Our highly trained staff not only understands our business, but we make it our business to know our clients' business. This gives ICC a distinct competitive advantage.

Why Are We Better Than The Rest?

What sets us apart from other transportation and logistics consulting firms is our dedication and personal attention we provide to our clients. Our extensive and practical experience offers clients a two-fold advantage: We help our clients operate successfully, while helping to minimize transportation and logistics costs. In other words, we help our clients make money and keep it!

ICC Logistic's account management philosophy allows us to become familiar with each and every aspect of our clients' business. This enables us to provide insight into many important issues and challenges facing our clients. We constantly monitor all business processes with performance measurements to ensure that all clients receive the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Commitment To Quality.

Our company continues to re-invest in its staff and in state-of-the-art technology. Our dedicated team of analysts is highly trained to search out and implement real solutions for our clients which results in significant savings. Our audit staff recovers millions of dollars in freight bill overcharges annually. We handle all inquiries with our clients' carriers and logistics services providers. Because our job is bringing order and efficiency to transportation and logistics, you're free to do your job!

The Bottom Line - We understand transportation and logistics. Let us be an extension of your company for long-term business development.