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It’s all about the logistics

Name: Laura Schwier
Title: Vice President
Firm: ICC Logistics Services Inc.
Best Career Decision: “Not getting swallowed by the vortex of highs and lows that come with managing a business”

Laura Schwier has been promoted to vice president at ICC Logistics Services Inc. in Hicksville. Her responsibilities include overseeing all company departments and working with department managers to improve efficiencies, streamline processes and provide optimal services to customers.

Schwier joined the full-service supply chain management company, which provides auditing and negotiation services in the areas of transportation and logistics more than 30 years ago. Most recently she was chief information officer, a position that oversaw the information technology portion of the company. Previously, she served as director of client fulfillment, responsible for client relations and accounts.

According the Schwier, many people don’t realize the potential financial rewards that can result from the effective management of a business’ supply chain.

“Our greatest thrill is being able to create a profit center for our clients based on the savings we can provide them,” she said, pointing to a recent example in which her company saved a client $1.5 million through the negotiation of parcel rates. “Imagine how much sales would have to increase to see the same kind of effect,” she said.

Schwier, an accounting major in college, said she acquired her technology expertise at ICC, where she quickly learned that being at the cutting edge of technology was vital to success. “We’re always searching for ways to save our customers money and time, and that can’t be done unless we stay ahead of the curve and leverage technology solutions,” she said. “Everything that I know and learned has been from hands on experience and great mentors.”

Schwier said she stayed with ICC for more than three decades because she finds work challenging and her co-workers motivating. She said she feels appreciated and she likes the opportunity to do different things.

Over the years, Schwier said she has been well-served by keeping and even keel through the inevitable ups and downs. “Steady as she goes: the customers need to see that,” she said. “And so do your colleagues and bosses.”

By Starzee, Bernadette
Publication: Long Island Business News
Date: Friday, May 14 2010